About Us:

Heroes of the Heart is a nonprofit organization located in Biddeford, Maine and offers free grief support services to the residents of Maine and plans to reach out to the nation! We serve the community by offering a safe, loving, and supportive environment for individuals to share their grief with others who understand. Through peer support groups, we reduce isolation by providing validation, empathy, compassion, and a full understanding of grief. We also provide a wide variety of other services!

The organization was founded by two people who have experienced tremendous loss and grief. Our president experienced ambiguous loss through abandonment as a child and our vice-president experienced the death of both his parents by the age of 10! Board members, faculty, and volunteers at Heroes of the Heart are compassionate people looking to make a difference in the lives of those grieving and spread hope to those having a hard time finding it. Heroes of the Heart does not discriminate and offers services to a diverse culture of families and individuals from all walks of life! 

Our organization relies heavily on volunteers who dedicate their time to giving others support in their time of grief.   Various donations from local vendors, businesses, and residents give Heroes of the Heart the opportunity to reach out to the community and offer support in a variety of ways. 

Our Mission:

Heroes of the Heart does is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing isolation and restoring hope for individuals suffering from any form of grief!


Our Vision:

A world where everyone can find hope - even in the darkest of times!

Heroes of the Heart

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